Ribbon Organization

The first organization post is about Ribbon Organization. I have tried all kinds of ribbon organization, I first kept them on the round things they came on and kept them in baskets, that was not working for me because I realized that I was not using very much ribbon, If I do not see it I forget about it. I came across some old mason jars when a neighbor of ours passed away and his family was cleaning out his garage, they gave a metal box to my husband and inside were these mason jars, my husband didn't know what to do with them, so I cleaned them up and held on to them and knew I could use them for something in my scrapbook room, then one day when I was reorganizing and realized that I never use ribbon because I could not see my stash. I decided to put the ribbon in jars by color, this worked great because I have them on a shelf right by my work table and can see them all the time. They are very bright colors and I love the way they are a decorative item in my scrapbook but I can also see them and tend to use more ribbon on my projects when I see them. 

Here is a photo of my Ribbon Jars 

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  1. Great idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)...I LOVE to see how everyone chooses to organize their creating items! :)

  2. Thank you Krista, I love to see how others organize also, so I thought I would post mine. Thanks for looking!