Photo Organization in 3 Easy Steps Part 2

Step 2

The rough sort

Decide how you want your photos to be sorted.  There is no right or wrong way to sort, figure out what works best for you and the photos you have collected.  Here are some ideas:
Chronologically ( 1970's, 1980's and so on)
By Family Group ( Smiths, Jones, Grandmas side, Grandpas side and so on)\
By Individual Person ( each sibling, each child and so on)
By Event ( Christmas, Birthdays, Family Reunions, and so on)

Once you've decided which categories will work best for your photos, write each category on a separate sheet of paper or sticky note.  Then attach those signs to the work table where you'll be doing the sort - or if its easier for you, use small boxes with the notes attached.  ( Imagine 6 shoeboxes lined up on your table with sticky notes attached to the front.)

Now start a rough sort of your photos.  Go quickly through this stage and simply shuffle photos into the box where they belong.  Don't dwell on each picture: just quickly place it where it belogns.  We'll do a more detailed sort later.  You'll have time to reminisce over pictures later too, dont do that now.  Right now your goal is to quickly sort through the big pile and begin creating smaller manageable piles.  Speed is the name of the game with this step!

I sort my photos by Event since I scrapbook each event!

Tomorrow we will discuss Step 3

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