Photo Organization In 3 Easy Steps Part 3

Step 3
Detailed Sorting
We are in the home stretch of this project.  The hard parts are over and now the enjoyable part are ahead.
You should have several piles or shoeboxes of roughly sorted photos.  Your task now is to do a detailed sorting of these individual piles.  Here are some suestions on how to tackle this task:

If you've started chronologically in decade format, you can now further sort the photos by the indivdual year in the decade, for instance, begin working with a single decade of photos, the 1980's.  Now group all the photos taken in 1980 together and all the photos in 1981 together and so on.  Once you have the individual years together it will be easy to sort by month within these small piles.  You can either spread out on a large table or work surface, or use a pre-labeled accordion filling system from the office supply store and sort into each month.  Drill down even further to put the individual months into chronological order as well.

If you have sorted by event, you can then further sort those events chronologically as described above.  You can also use the same chronoloical sorting system if your original system was by person or family unit.

This is the fun part!  This is the time to relax and reminisce over your photographs.  Gather the family to help you with this step and take the time to tell stories to your children about the people in the photos you are sorting.

This isn't going to be a quick process.  It will take time and patience to get through all those photos, Just take your time and have fun!

Just another tip.  When you get your photos developed or printed. make sure you right on the back of them photos the date and who is in the  photo or what it is because one thing is going thru those photos years later, you might not remember all that information.

After all that is done, you can keep them in those photo storage boxes with dividers, and then scrapbook them little by little, and I can help you do that,  you can come to one of my workshops and add your photos as soon as you complete the layouts and then just add them to your album.
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