Photo Organization in 3 Easy Steps Part 1

Step 1

Bring it all together
Determine where you want to do your photo sorting.  The kitchen table might look like the right place, but try to find a space that you can occupy over the next couple of weeks or days without having to clear off the workspace at the end of each session.  A spare bedroom with a table set up in the corner or even in your craft or office area might work.  clear off the large work area and prepare it for your organizational project.

Find your photos
Dig them out of the closet, pull them out of the drawers and cabinets, unpack the boxes stashed under the bed or in closets.  If you are a digital photographer, now is the time to get those photos developed/printed so you have something tangible to work with instead of a bunch of CD's.  Bring every photo together into one place.  Put all your gathered photos into 1 large box (or more if you need them) - leave then in their photo albums, leave them in the photo developer envelopes or the photo storage boxes you had them in originally.  At this stage we're just gathering photos - no sorting allowed!

Tomorrow we will talk about Step 2

Stack Of Photos - Perspective

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