Online Annual Inspirations Catalog Party

We're having my first ever ONLINE ANNUAL INSPIRATIONS CATALOG PARTY and you're invited! (Yep!) Right here on Facebook! All you have to do is JOIN the event and then show up right here to the event page on AUGUST 27, AT 7:00 PM CALIFORNIA TIME from your desktop or laptop. I know you are busy, but you've got about 30 minutes you can spare right?

Can you come? Don't get a sitter, don't put on any makeup, and DON'T leave your house. Just log in here for the LIVE EVENT at 7:00 PM ON AUGUST 27.

Feel free to invite a friend~ the more the merrier AND we will have a fun giveaway at the end of our party! YAY for free stuff!

It will be on my facebook business page here

Join the Fun!

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