Welcome 2014!

This year went by pretty fast, especially Christmas, I have not worked much on CTMH but I am going to get back into it full blast this year.  I did receive my New Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book that goes live on February 1st, I will be letting you know how you can receive your copy early shortly.

We had a very nice Christmas, we spent Christmas Eve with my husbands family and Christmas Day with my family. 

After Christmas we decided to go camping to Octillo Wells, my husband and son have dirt bikes so they were very excited.  I just wanted to go relax and get away.  The night before I woke up with a little sore throat but thought no big deal, so we headed on our way.  Once we arrived and set up camp, I started to feel worse, so I made it thru the night and rested the next day only to feel even worse, so I packed up my stuff that night and headed home.  I left them out there with the trailer to have fun riding, its a short 2 hour drive, or even longer if you feel like crap.  I came home and rested that night and woke up Sunday and rested on the couch all day and was feeling a lot better, so Monday morning I headed back out to the desert to pick them up. 
As far as New Years Eve, I decided I better stay in and get better, so I decided to keep warm and watch some TV and then I got a great idea to organize my filing cabinet.  I have been wanting to do it for a while, but said I will in the New Year,  I have been pinning a lot of organizing ideas on Pinterest so I laid it all out on the living room floor and went to town.  Now It is all done and ready for the New Year.

Going to be organizing a lot of things in the house so I might be posting about Organizing too!

I am ready for new things to come in 2014!  Excited to see how this year turns out!

Happy New Year,

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