Simple Scrapbook Page

I made this page with photos of our first trip to Disneyland last year during the CTMH Convention.  This is retired paper that I have been saving for Disneyland photos for years.  Finally was able to use it.  I wanted to show you that Scrapbooking can be simple.  There are not any embellishments on this page I did stamp a title and used my writing for the story. 

I hear so many times "I do not have time to scrapbook"  You really have to make time to do this wonderful hobby that will give you memories forever.  Do you ever look in your boxes of photos or on your computer at the old photos you have and say remember this, remember that?  What if you had them in an album and could do the same thing but in some better order and with colorful papers and it would tell a story!

You can make your pages as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want!

Join me at one of my workshops and make your first Scrapbook Page and see how fun it can be to preserve your memories!

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